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Be a savvy bride

Tracey Dale
Tracey Dale

We ask; Why would you choose a smaller independent store to make your dream gown over a large multi chain retailer? Here are a few reasons why.

Be a Savvy Bride

S is for Service

Customer focused, friendly experienced consultants with years of product knowledge to guide you through the journey of choosing the dress of your dreams, consultants who are trained to advise on shape,style and fabric.

Independents create an experience where you take centre stage, often providing one to one VIP appointments, so its all about the bride.

You may be confident, you may be shy, you may be nervous  or you may know exactly what you want. Independent store owners over time meet these Brides and tailor their service to their exact requirements, listening to what they want then helping them to choose the Bridal Gowns they have always dreamt of.

Independents have the choice to offer a much more varied range of styles and labels with a much more exclusive range of designers.

A is for After Care

After you have said ‘’YES to the DRESS’’ they are committed to continuing the journey with you offering  advice and guidance, up to date information on the production of your gown, storage options, payment plans, in house alteration and steaming service.

Purchase a gown from an independent and they will take care of your gown from the moment you choose it till the day before your wedding when you finally get to take it home to wear it on your wedding day.

But it does not stop there, after your wedding we offer a cleaning and boxing service so that you may keep your gown forever. 

This also gives us chance to show them your photos and help you relive your special day with them.

V is for Variety

Every season independents choose a new range of gowns from their chosen labels, always with their future brides in mind, keeping the range on trend and up to date, nothing stays the same in the Bridal Industry, new trends are just around the corner and independents are always one step ahead with their choices for YOU, their future Brides. 

Cannot find exactly what your looking for. Independents are able to offer bespoke changes to gowns to make them exactly what you have in mind, modifications such as fabric changes different colours straps and sleeves are available to certain ranges to create your perfect gown plus a made to measure option if you prefer. 

All gowns are individually made to order just for you. However should you decide to take a gown off the peg, they will still offer the same service and attention to detail that they offer all of their Brides.

V is for Valued

Independents value all their customers, they go that extra mile to make the whole experience enjoyable no matter who you are or whatever your budget.

They like to think of their brides as friends and extended family and will always be on hand for any eventuality. 

Some Brides do not like to bother them with questions and queries however they are here for that exact reason and always remind their Brides of the motto ‘’Its never a problem if it can be solved’’ 

No question is to small to ask us, if they can help even if its to put your mind at rest then they are happy to help you in whatever way they can.

Y is for Your Way

As a bride you have your ideas on how you want things to be. Your ideas on style, your ideas on colour, your ideas on fabric , your ideas on budget to name but a few. We are here to listen and accommodate your ideas.

You want  a dress modified to your requirement,  ‘’They Can Do That ‘’.

You want a dress at a certain price point , ‘’They Can Do That’’

You want a dress off the peg, ‘’They Can Do That’’  

You want a payment plan ‘’They Can Do That’’

Whatever your requirements, if its doable, they do it for their Brides.

Support your independent Bridal Retailers

They are the real thing when it comes to Everything Bridal

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