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12 of the best alternative wedding cake ideas

Tracey Dale
Tracey Dale

Wedding cakes are traditionally iced fruitcake, however times have changed and wedding cakes are now as amazing as your imagination.

The Naked Cake

A modern twist on a traditional wedding cake. Usually flavoured sponge or red velvet with all the filling on show. You can use seasonal fresh fruit to decorate of use flowers to match your wedding theme.

The Cake Pop Cake

Individual bite size portions on a lollipop stick. Flavours to suit your taste with a colour pallet to match and covered in icing or chocolate with a topping of sprinkle or coconut, the choice is yours. No cutting involved just ask your guests to help themselves.

The Macaroon Cake

A tower of individual macaroon biscuits sandwiched with the filling of your choice. Available in all colours to suit your colour theme. Looks good all in one colour or a rainbow if shades. Decorated with fresh or silk flowers to match the wedding flowers. This cake makes it easy for guests to help themselves.

The Cheese Cake

For those who just do not like cake. A tiered stack of your favourite cheese wheels, surrounded by a variety of cheese biscuits and fruit. Let your guests free on this savoury alternative to the sweet traditional cake style.

The profiterole Cake

A tower of fresh cream profiteroles dipped in chocolate or salted caramel and finished with spun sugar, decorations can be tailored to your theme using anything from flowers to butterflies. Individual bite size portions make it easy for your guest to dive in and help themselves.

The Pancake Cake

Create a pile of pancakes or crepes in various sizes and offer a selection of fillings for your guests to get stuck in, decorated with fruits of your choice. Add a crepe chef to serve them warm and to get your guests hungry for more.

The mini desert cake

For those who cannot make up their minds which is their favourite desert, offer them all in this mini desert selection displayed on a perspex tiered stand. Ask your guests to choose their own and get them coming back for more.

The Cream Horn Cake

If you love fresh cream, you will love this cake. Small puff pastry cones, stacked on a tired cake stand and filled with a generous portion of fresh cream. The cake can be decorated with the flowers of your choice or a custom made cake topper.

The Tart Cake

This cake is a collection of all your favourite tarts, from apple, blackcurrant, cherry treacle, the list is endless, in rough puff or short crust cases, the choice is yours. Made in various sizes to stack in the traditional way. Served with a jug or two of hot custard or ice cream depending on your taste.

The Doughnut Cake

Love dCrispy CremeKrisoughnuts, you will love this idea. let your imagination run riot with all the flavours and toppings on a doughnut base, stacked on a tiered cake stand or on a peg board for your guests to help themselves and decorated with flowers or decorations of your choice.

The Pork Pie Cake

If your taste is more savoury than sweet, why not have a pork pie cake. Choose several different sized pork pies with various fillings stacked to resemble a tiered wedding cake and served with a selection of pickles.

The Cake Table

Cannot make your mind up what type of cake to have, then treat your guests to a selection of your favourite cakes and tarts accompanied with custard, cream or ice cream. There will be something for everyone.

We hope that we have given you a few ideas for a cake with a difference, something to get your guests talking and bring a smile to their face. Who doesn't like a good wedding cake.

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