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Change of plan, celebrate anyway.

Tracey Dale
Tracey Dale

You may have had to postpone your wedding date but that does not mean you cannot celebrate.

It's taken you ages to plan your wedding, you have chosen everything right down to the very smallest detail, you are ready to say I DO only to find out that your wedding has been postponed.

Hang on a minute, you may not be getting married on that date but it certainly doesn't mean that you cannot celebrate.

The wedding may be postponed but love isn't, so show each other how much you care.

Here are our top tips for celebrating your original wedding date.

Take a walk down memory lane.

A great way to remember exactly why you are getting married, talk about how you met, look through your old pictures, you could even get some free prints, make a collage or place them around the house with little notes that say ''do you remember'', take time to reminisce about the time you have known each other.

Buy each other a wedding gift.

This does not have to be the gift that you planned to give on your wedding day, it doesn't even need to be expensive. How about a framed picture or print or a token sentimental gift that shares a common bond.

A pair of wedding gifts wrapped in paper and tied with string with tiny pink roses.
Pre wedding gifts for the bride and groom.

Let's eat Cake.

Why not teach yourself how to bake a cake of your choice and decorate it with anything you have to hand. when it's all done slice it together as you would have done on the day, then sit back with a glass of your favourite wine or a good old cuppa and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

lady decorating a homemade cake with blueberries
Homemade cake decorated with blueberries

Create your own pre wedding photo shoot.

Get yourselves all dressed up in your favorite gear and have a DIY photo shoot, you can be as creative as you like with matching outfits, themes or even fancy dress,use props or get very technical with photoshop, whatever makes you happy. Why not have a picture printed to display on your new wedding day or create a collage for the guests to sign. This will help you mark both dates, not everyone gets to

Have a candlelit dinner

Enjoy preparing a meal together, dress the table and set the mood with candles, put on your favourite love song playlist and even practise your first dance when that tune comes on. If this is a bit too much for you, prepare a picnic and eat outdoors in the garden, who doesn't love a picnic?

table set for candlelit dinner for two.
A candlelit dinner for two.

Enjoy a spa night in.

Buy yourselves matching bathrobes and indulge in a little rest and relaxation, treat yourselves to a pamper kit and enjoy your alone time. Then don the robes and put on your favourite wedding RomCom, they do say laughter is the best medicine.

Create a signature cocktail.

You could always create a signature cocktail, learn how to mix and keep going until you get it just right. Once perfected, invite your nearest and dearest to a virtual cocktail party, sent them the recipe and enjoy a happy hour with the people you love. You can even ask the venue to re create your very own cocktail creation to serve on your big day.

Have a virtual games night.

Invite your loved ones to join you in a wedding inspired games night. There are loads of printable games and ideas on the net, this would be a good way of seeing your family and friends and enjoying some wedding related fun and laughter.

Exchange love letters.

If your a real romantic and feel inclined to put pen to paper then why not write a love letter to each other, just to let them know how you feel. Don't worry about spoiling the wedding vows, think of it as good practice for when your special day arrives. This would be a truly wonderful keepsake that you will treasure forever.

a fountain pen and paper ready to write a love letter.
Writing a love letter.

Plan a honeymoon.

As your wedding is now postponed and you have a little longer to wait, you may want to save up for a special get away. Let yourselves dream of paradise islands or far away places, research the world and what it has to offer or plan a staycation, there are so many beautiful places here in the UK. The choice is yours.

If you already have a dream honeymoon planned you could add some extras or upgrade to treat yourselves that little bit more.

However you decide to mark your original wedding date, don't be sad use it as an opportunity to show you care. How many couples say they would like to re live their wedding day, well you can actually do that so celebrate it in style and then look forward to celbrating all over again when your big day arrives.

Good Luck, Happy planning.

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