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Sally and Andy's Italian dream wedding.

Tracey Dale
Tracey Dale

Sally and Andy's romantic getaway wedding in Sorrento, Italy.

How did you meet?

We met on an internet dating site. We had arranged to meet at a restaurant in Bromsgrove for our first date, without realising I had given Andy the wrong directions on how to get there and when he rang to double check where he should be I was a little sharp with him not realising it was my fault.

Eventually he arrived. He told me later that following his call he almost turned the car around and went home, fortunately he didn't and the minute I saw him walking across tha car park I thought ''Oh yes, he'll do....''

How long did it take to plan the wedding?

We planned for about a year after getting engaged in Paris. We knew we wanted to get married in Italy but didn't realise just how difficult it would be. Getting married in Italy as a foreign couple requires a great deal of paperwork. so there was a lot to do in advance. You need to supply the authorities with original documents proving your identity and legal eligibility to get married. We hired an Italian wedding planner called Rosanna from the Orange Blossom Wedding planning agency to guide us through the process, she was fantastic throughout.

I bought my dress from Dream Days in Dudley, the ladies showed exceptional attention to detail and made me feel very special. I chose a slim fitting trumpet style gown with a sabrina neckline and small train from the Sincerity Bridal collection, which was perfect for our Italian dream wedding, once fitted the girls packed my dress and accessories into my suitcase, ready to travel, which emerged in Italy without a single crease.

Bride and Groom in a horse drawn carriage on the way to their wedding.
Our horse drawn carriage ride in Sorrento, Italy

We'd hired a horse drawn carriage to take us to The Cloisters and dozens of people were taking photographs of us as we rode through the town. There were crowds of locals and tourists outside when we arrived who cheered and shouted good wishes. We felt like celebrities all day.

Bride and groom in The Cloisters in Sorrento, Italy
Our ceremony in The Cloisters.
There were crowds of locals and tourists outside when we arrived who cheered and shouted good wishes. We felt like celebrities all day

What was the Highlight of your day?

All of it really, It was perfect from start to finish, so it's difficult to think of one thing, but if I have to mention something it would be that, at our honeymoon hotel the staff had arranged a private dinner and when we went upstairs to the main seating area, the entire room erupted into spontaneous applause. It truly was an awesome day.

Bride and Groom standing by some iron railings overlooking the sea in Sorrento Italy.
Overlooking the sea in Sorrento Italy.

What advice would you have for future brides?

Marry someone wonderful and have the Dream Days girls do their thing!

Is there anyone that you would like to thank?

We would like to thank our families for joining us for our wedding breakfast here in the UK once the honeymoon was over, it meant that I could wear my beautiful dress again and reminisce about our amazing Italian dream wedding. We would like to thank Rosanna from Orange Blossom for helping us arrange everything and of course Dream Days who even arranged for my dress to be cleaned upon my return ready to be worn again for my celebration here.

Thank you All 💖

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